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    I have a treo 270. I downloaded AcidImages to view images on the treo but how do I get image files onto the treo? I've looked all around the app installer and hotsync and I can't find a simple way to transfer a file to the treo??
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    Acid image doesn't have a transfer program. You must either move them there with a memory card, which you don't have with a Treo 270, or you can open them from within SnapperMail or some such e-mail program that handles native files.

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    So, you cant just transfer files over to the treo? Can you even pack them up in a zip file or some sort of palm database and transfer that?

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    I have to suggest you read the manual for AI. It only opens native files, so if you can't transfer a native file to your Treo, you can't open it. You should look at SplashPhoto or some such program to do what you appear to want.


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