I've used WeSync succesfully for some time but with my new XP-Pro machine, it doesn't work. The computer I sync with at the office has the same OS so I don't think it's the OS. They're both from the same manufacturer, Gateway.

When I try to "synchronize with the server" I get a runtime error with a message about abnormal program termination.
When I try to start the desktop viewer it says "Failed to create empty document" and aborts.

The WeSync website's help section says that if you get error messages like these, you need to update your OS. However, since it works on an almost identical system with XP-PRO, it doesn't seem like the OS is the problem.

I've tried everything I can to fix this problem: uninstall, reboot, reinstall, remove the remaining folders after an uninstall, change the installation location.

Any help would be most appreciated.