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    hi all, I am wondering if this IR keyboard will work with Treo 270?

    Thanks for any advices
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    I mean this IR keyboard

    sorry for the wrong link.

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    Based on OS version and IR transmitter location, it should work.
    I haven't tried it myself, though.
    It's been discussed elsewhere on this board; try searching the TreoCentral site for more information.

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    Thanks for your reply! I did search the previous post and found that the Tero wasn't supported! and I emailed the seller to ask if the IR keyboard support the Treo , and the answer is NO as well.
    I still get the keyboard to try since I have another PDA that can use a keyboard as well and it turns out that IT WORKS! it works wonderfully with mine!

    so Just want to let everyone know, i got the keyboard for $30 including shipping.
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    What do you mean by IT WORKS. Are you saying it works with the Treo or your other PDA. If with the treo, how are you using it. The web page for this keyboard says that the Treo doesn't fit in the included stand so you'll need to use the Treo upside down and use the screen flipping software. It seems to me that if I put my Treo upside down, the flip lid will get in the way. I'd much prefer this keyboard to the Targus one and have been wondering about this for awhile. What can you tell me??
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    sorry for the confusion on my last post.
    It works with my treo interms that i do not need to flip it upside down, the stand fits well, and also i jus tneed to install the palm software with no config for it to work for me .
    i use it with documents do go, eudora mail, and blazer with no prob so far.
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    Hey thanks. So how do you like the keyboard? Is it full size or smaller. How is the feel? When it is set up, does the Treo seem stable in it. There have been great reviews on this site for the Targus keyboard but it is much more expensive than this one and is pretty big.
    Thanks again.,
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    I have targus the fold keyboard before but not the IR one,I felt that the Targus (i am not sure about the IR one though) type better then the one i have. On this keyboard there is a "line" in between the alphabet Y because since it wasn't like the Targus you slide the keyboard together. therefore, it is a little bit inconvenience to type. But i guess you could also get use to that after a while.
    This one is smaller and also it is cheaper, for me , I do not need a keyboard a lot but I use it for writing papers and stuff and it do the job. The targus here sells for 80 in my local bestbuy store and I got this one for 30. So i am happy with it.

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