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    I did not have insurance on the Treo 300 which had charging and hot sync problems which Sprint replaced with a refurbished unit. I have the option to buy the insurance from Sprint for the refurb within 14 days of activation. The terms are $4 / month and $35 deductable towards a replacement. Per Sprint, I can buy the insurance after the 14 days but I have to go direct to the insurance co Lockline.

    Should I get the insurance considering what a Treo is worth these days and in the next year or 2? If so, should I wait till the 3 month warranty from Handspring expire before I buy the insurance? I would buy the insurance in a heartbeat if there is any chance that Sprint will replace the Treo 300 with a 600 (assuming the 300 will go bad down the road).
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    We were just having this discussion over at my other hang out....BUY IT! It doesn't matter what the value of the Treo is right now...its still above $150. Nor does it matter whether they'll replace it with a 600. This has been done with Samsung and Kyocera products in the past, but there are plenty of Treos lying around so I wouldn't expect them to grant you the newer model. It boils down to the fact that you could lose your device tomorrow...Lockline will have a new one to you within 72 hours, and probably 36 hours. Its worth it...
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    You know there's a good chance the replacemnet phone that you would get with the insurance plan will be another Treo300 considering all the unsold T300's out there! I would confirm what kind of "equivalent" phone the insurance company would replace with Treo300...
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    The replacements for the T300 would either be another 300, 90-95% of the time is my guess), then either an I330 or T600. I'd imagine in the strange event that they had no Treo's, and believe me they will, that you'd be able to talk yourself into the new model since you require a device with a thumboard.

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