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    I use FlyZip to try and create a bit of space on my very full Treo. I've struck a bit of a problem. If you Zip an app which uses a conduit, it may get corrupted.

    Well, it's happened to Expense.prc

    Can somebody send me a copy of Expense.prc (just reply to this post and attach the file - someone else may need it another day)

    I've informed the team at FlyZip and they are working on a fix.

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    hope everything works out for ya.
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    I'm back in business.

    Thanks abarrios
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    The posted version of expense.prc crashes and resets the Treo 600. Does anyone know why? Is Handspring or PalmSource going to fix this?
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    that was for the 270 palm os 3.5 the 600 uses 5.21.......
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    Yes, it's the wrong version. The question is, does anyone have the correct version?
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    Have you tried a darn good freebie substitute? ExpenseRex:
    All kinds of customization options which you'll likely love. prc size = 64,740. There's also a $4 conduit for import/export csv Excel chores.

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