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    When I close the lid to my Treo 300 the screen stays on until the power off setting is reached. It's as if the Treo doesn't detect the lid being closed.

    Any ideas??
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    If you are making a call and you close the lid, does it hang up?
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    Nope. It does not hang up the call by closing the lid.
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    is it possible that you havent set up the auto off feature that will turn off the light? if it doesnt work, you might have to manually press the power button after you close the lid and see if the light goes off..
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    This is most likely a hardware problem. The Treo doesn't physically sense that the lid is being closed. Take it back and get it fixed (if it's under warranty).
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    Just to add to what Kurt has said.

    The Treo lid open/close 'on/off' function works via a magnetic switch - one in the left side of the lid, the other near the letter 'D'.

    You can test it by placing a magnet very close to the letter 'D' (Treo should switch off).

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