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    My phone nor my friends cell phone are working. Both of our numbers have a 415 area code. Apparently since 2pm today all numbers in that category have not been working...according to SPCS at least. I cannot make or receive calls. When people try to reach me they are not even forwarded to my voicemail. This is really frustrating, especially after SPCS just replaced my Treo due to its not ringing consistently. Whats worse is that they have no estimated time for when service should be restored. Any of you suffering as I am?
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    ...just npticed that data service still functions properly.
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    I read on or that other people are having this problem. I don't know what's causing it or when and how Sprint's going to fix it, but it's not just you. Supposedly it's any number that starts with a 4.
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    Well they finally got services back up at around 12 last night...

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