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    Just curious, but does anyone have any real-world experiences with the data speeds (primarily Blazer) of a 270 vs. a 300? I have a 300, and have found that I use the browser far more than I ever thought I would. I get pretty reasonable transfer rates in most of the places I travel. I've used bmeter to measure and I average about 4K bytes/sec here in Colorado, and similar speeds while travelling to Boston, Chicago, Newark, etc.

    My question is how does the 270 with GPRS compare to this in the real world? When the 600 comes out, I'll seriously consider moving from Sprint to a GSM carrier if the data connection is reasonable.
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    Sprint rocks in data performance. I recently switched from gprs on
    t-mobile to sprint. I was SHOCKED at the speed difference. T-Mobile's data performance sucks AND it locks up ALL the freakin time.

    PS I live in Dallas so my performance problems were not due to weak signals.

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