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    Is there any way of disabling the treo (180) feature of shutting off when the flip is closed? I know I could remove the magnet from the lid, and just use buttons for answering or powering on, I just wondered if there was a software method. I don't think the current 'button disable' programs address this possibility. Sometimes I want to stay connected to AIM, or IRC while putting the phone in my pocket for a minute.
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    TreoHelper has an option to set the amount of delay before auto-off is triggered when a network connection is available (e.g., when you're connected to GPRS or Vision). It seems that this would do exactly what you want.

    You can get TreoHelper here.
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    Wow, it does appear to do exactly what I was talking about- Thanks!
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    You could also remove the magnetic switch from the lid... but that requires surgery and would invalidate your warranty

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