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    I called a few T-mobile stores in CT for a live demo 270 and was able to talk to a live person. Wish I could say the same for Sprint stores. I had a chance to compare my Treo 300 to the 270 side by side and here are a few of my observations:

    1. I accessed the same web pages on both units and compared speeds. Most of the time the 300 loads a page faster but not all the time. The 270 is faster on some pages.

    2. While a page is loading, I called the 270. It did not ring but went to voice mail. I tried this twice and got voicemail both times. Per the salesman this feature (phone rings while on data) does not always work.

    3. The 300 has a rubber plug in the back of the unit near the antenna to connect an external antenna. The 270 does not.

    Speaking of external antenna, my friend has verizon and we were in an area where his old Nokia phone had a zero bar signal. He pluged in an external Mega boost antenna made by Global Wireless accessories and it went to 2 bars and he was able to make a clear call. Too bad I can't find an antenna adapter cable for the 300. Without the adapter, the external antenna is useless.
    If anyone know a source for an ext antenna adapter cable for the 300 please post info.

    Anyone know if the 600 will have an external antenna port? If yes, is it the same connector as in the 300?

    I really hope the 600 will have better RF performance in weak signal areas than the 300.
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    Although I am not a huge fan of Sprint because of their crappy
    customer service ...

    I just switched from T-Mobile and a 270 to a 300 and Sprint.

    The main difference I see is the high speed
    internet access on t-mobile sucks in comparision to sprint. I can
    now browse real web pages not merely pda oriented.

    t-mobile gprs was actually slightly slower than the built in modem
    in the 270 and it ALWAYS locks up when you need it.

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