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    This is a video.
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    What incredible tools we have to help live the lives we want!

    This is a neat vid -- too bad all the M$ ad's before -- great shots of the Treo 300.

    Definitely check this out ... sounds like a great service as well.
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    Watch which one???
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    Click on "Look" from Felipe's message and you should go right to the video ...

    If you have a pop-up stopper you will need to keep it off as it goes to the website and then to the video ...
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    Looks cool! But I cannot find any info about it on
    (a very confusing website, though)
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    Sorry... but even if I disable popup killer all I get is a page with multiple video options. Any other ideas how to view this video?
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    I had to exit my pop-up blocker completely to get this clip (I had to re-start it completely when I was done).

    When I clicked on "Look" it opened a cnet window then a mediaplayer window and started playing the vid. Here's the url just in case you want it:

    As long as I did this it worked fine ... I couldn't just pause my pop-up blocker-- I couldn't get the vid to play. Hope this helps.

    FWI ... I don't know if you can search their site by date, etc., but the video was on the site on 08-04-2003 by a guy by the name of Brian Cooley.
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    That's absolutely incredible. I wonder if Pa1m0ne knows that their product does this?
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    They (Palm or Hand) probably never check this site (or any other user site for that matter) out anyway ... too bad ... tons of great input and feedback here ... I've learned quite a bit.
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    That's the video ... starts right up.
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    I saw the video -- very cool. However, smarthome will require you to buy their service... and altho it's not quite as advanced, I prefer how Nokia's equipment works -- they sell a motion sensor that can send pics to your phone automatically, without the need for an intermdiary. you can even send it a text message manually, and it will take a picture and send it back to you. I was looking at these as a possible way to stop paying 24.99 a month to ADT...

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