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    Did any company every come out with a replacement battery for the Treo?

    My battery is wasted... I only get about 30 minutes of talk time now

    Last device I'll ever buy with an integrated battery. Shame because I really like the looks of the 600.
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    They have replacements battery for Treo 90/180 now and Treo 270/300 in Oct '03.
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    I wonder if a Treo 180 battery would fit in a Treo 300?

    The 150mAh extra power would be nice.
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    same site.

    14-0024-00 PDA Battery for Handspring

    PDA internal battery for Handspring Treo 270 and 300 series. Includes installation tools and instructions. Part no: 14-0024-00.
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    I just found this one, but I'm kind of skeptical as to the credibility of this supplier. Also, the model number is the same except for the last two digits - 01 as opposed to 00. I could not find any additional info on the 01. 02 is for the T90 and T180. The voltage and amperage ratings are the same.

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