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    Been looking for a comment or thread regarding using a Treo with dirty hands. I am a part-time newspaper carrier that uses my Palm and cell phone extensively for work and school. As a result, my cell phone keys are shot. I can't tell the 2 button from the 4 button. SMS messenging? You can forget about it.

    I always laughed at the Treo's thumboard and thought I would never own one. However, after using my Dad's Tungsten W, the thumboard is unbelievingly fast. I have to have one now.

    Below I have embedded a picture of my Palm m125 and cell phone. You will notice that the designs on the Palm keys are fully readable, but my cell phone keys are UNREADABLE. I use my Palm as much as my cell phone, maybe the plastic that Palm uses is more durable than the Kyocera's keys? The unreadable keys are fine for a phone where there are only numbers, but would be unacceptable for a Treo where I need to see the button icons.

    Therefore, is there anyone out there who uses a Treo with dirty hands? Maybe a construction worker or a fellow newspaper carrier uses one? Are the thumboard keys still readable? How long have you used your Treo? Does it see a lot of use?

    Thank you all for your opinion.
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    Is the antenna on the Treo more capable than the VisorPhone? Almost two years ago I owned a Visor Neo with the VisorPhone module and got rid of it after 30-60 days. I could never get a signal. Maybe it was Cingular's fault. Man, what a mistake that was.

    Does T-Mobile have better coverage in the Southern CA area than Cingular? I heard from someone that T-Mobile leases Cingular's towers. Does this mean T-Moblie has the same coverage as Verizon?

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    Regarding the thumbboard... I think one solution you can do is to get a case that covers the thumbboard with a clear plastic cover. I seen various cases such as these and they are possible to use with the thumbboard protected. This might be a way to keep the keys clean and reduce wear...
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    Would you mind posting where I can find info and pics of the various cases?

    Thank you for your input.

    I wonder if the plastic material over the keys would restrict the speed of input?

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    THe one that covers the keys is at the SprintPCS store if you want to see it. They probably have it at their on line store too. SO is all that from news print..pretty dirty. Matt

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