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    I synchronise my treo with my work PC (it is my main PC).
    The company has just rolled out a version of XP which locks down the ability to install files (some seem to install OK).

    They are mandating the use of xtend connect. I believe it will only allow synchronisation with outlook, tasks, etc and not 3rd party conduits or file installation.

    They are going to insist that I have a pin protection on my palm to protect the confidential appointments that I might synchronise..

    I need tips on the following

    1) is there a way I stop xtend connect from working on the treo. There won't be anyone else with a treo - so if it doesn't work, they'll probably let me install palm desktop

    2)is there a way I can get local admin access to my PC so that I can install vital apps like avantgo!

    3) any experience with xtend connect or similar you can share?

    This is all happening in the next few hours - so rapid responses appreciated.


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    Never heard of xtend, so can't help there.

    And as a IT professional, I really can't help you get into the admin account. So, I wont tell you that if some how you can get a linux boot disk that can reset the admin password to what ever you want, you can then get into the admin account. Then again, they probably dont exist.

    Then again, if you change the password they may eventually find out.

    Have you thought about just asking for their help installing the software. After all, it is their computer and they probably have good reasons as to why they want to lock down the box.
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    Hi Phillipe - thanks for the reply.

    Obviously I won't be looking at things that don't exist!

    If I was though - it looks like this

    As for asking for help; the local (UK) folks are thoroughly understanding - they give the impression that they would like to help. Unfortunately someone at the top of the tree has decided that all PCs shall be equal.

    I know they have had grief in the past from PHB-types who demand endless service calls to make their palms synchronise. It's easier to ban everything for everyone than to let the competent folks install stuff on their machines.

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    As former IT person - - who was a HUGE HUGE HUGE advocate of locking down desktop computers - - let me share with you what worked in our company - - thinking it may work in yours!

    The basis for locking computers down is $$$$. Every support call costs a company money, so naturally the fewer support calls the less money it costs (funny thing is that this is a great concept but is not applicable - but I won't go into that rant here). So companies decide they are going to completely lock down computers and keep everyone from installing any and all 3rd party applications.

    The flip side to that is that there are programs that people use that truly make them productive - which IT departments won't install because they are not on the "approved application list" or whatever they call it. So what happens -- this costs the company $$$ as well because now employees are less productive.

    A catch-22 -- maybe - - but there is usually a simple way to "overcome this".

    Businesses exist to make money - - so to get the technology you need - you have to directly realate the technology to how it is either going to MAKE MONEY (faster processing, higher productivity etc) or SAVE MONEY.

    So, I'd suggest that you build a BUSINESS CASE as to why YOU (the exception to the rule) need to have the ability to synch your information.

    1. Tell your manager why the technology makes you more productive

    2. Tell the manager what "profits" are associated with your increased productivity and what "costs" will be incurred if you are not able to have access to the technology.

    3. Assure your manager that you realize the application is a non-supported application and that you will not EVER EVER EVER (except installation and upgrad issues) contact the company tech support for things like: how to use the application, etc.

    Basically you want to assure them that your having access to this application will be more BENEFICIAL to the company than detrimental.

    $$$ talks!!

    Hope this helps!

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    Hi...we just purchased and are rolling out XCS.

    Why don't you want to use it??? The neat thing is it can install executables wirelessly...let's see Palm desktop do that.

    XCS requires a Palm resident app. A desktop connector can be used for cradled synching but why do that when you can do it all over the air. It really is a neat app. PS: the password lock only works on OS 4 devices (and newer) so that feature will not work with your Treo. Caveat: there is a new XCS release that may get around the OS3.5 "problem".

    In any case, I understand your affinity to Palm Desktop but you can have the choice (assuming the Geztapo let you) to determine what you synch via XCS and what you synch via Palm Desktop.
  6. #6 the following URL for the non-existent Linux boot disk for all NT-based systems [NK, 2K, XP Home & Pro].

    Offline NT Password & Registry Editor Bootdisk

    This info from Information Week article of 8/18/2003.
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    Hi Folks, thought I'd give an update and thank you for your help.

    It turns out that x-tend was not quite as bad as I suspected.
    It's slow (synchronises with US server) - but does gather slightly more information (particularly the list of meeting invitees)

    We seem to have a pretty locked down version - so it only gets memo, todo and calendar - mail is not allowed. Shame as I had the idea it included the ability to read attachments.

    It does have some major downsides though;

    1) if you get your password wrong once, you are locked out. After changing my UK windows password, it takes an unknown number of hours for the change to propogate to the US - so this is easy to do. Fixing it takes about a day it seems!

    2) It sometimes (twice so far) decides that it needs to do a complete refresh. This means deleting all handhgeld data and re-loading from server. you lose all changes.

    3) the password is bothering other folks on OS5 - to see your calendar(or anything), you have to enter a password. I'm used to checking quickly what the time is, where I have to go next, etc. This will be a real pain when I get the Treo600. Will I be able to take calls without putting in a password????

    On a broader note - some of you 'didnt' offer me help to get admin rights. I have to admit that I'm too nervous to try this - I don't know nearly enough about the PC and how the various login modes work (presumably they don't change the login that I get to through my network login screen...)

    I've found I can install software that installs for my user only - but not stuff that tries to install for the PC (I think that is what is happening), so hotsync, plucker & opera are fine - but avantgo is not. This is a pain but not too bad. (again - any workarounds appreciated!).

    So - I'm dreading the upgrade to OS5 (somebody please release a no password crack!) and would love to get pocketmirror back - but I can still just about sync...


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