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    HELP!! - my Treo 300 is blinking the "palm powered" screen nonstop. Soft and hard resets don't work. Nothing works. I can't use any functions. This thing has been blikning for 2 hours straight and will rpobably continue until the batteries die. Any ideas????
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    I had that happen to my 180. Even the warm boot with the up scroll held down didn't work. I'm afraid only the hard reset will fix it. Hold the power button down while pushing the reset button. Let go of power when Palm logo appears. Up to erase all data. The next hotsync you do will restore everything.
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    Hard reset didn't work.

    I brought it into a Sprint store; they said it was toast, but since it was still under the 1-year warranty they gave me a brand new 300 and switched over my phone number!!!! Took less than 10 minutes.

    Pleasantly surprised,

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    I had the same problem and held down the power button at the same time, erased all data, and it worked fine after. Thanks for the tip.

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