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    1gig tibook, 10.6 , palm 4.0, treo 270 with 1.1 GPRS upgrade,

    finally download the GPRS tmobile upgrade now that they have unlimited data for $20/m . Have the web part working now
    would like to get the email working - which has never worked with the one touch email and CDM dialup.

    What email client do you use and how did you set it up?

    Snapper mail? Markspace mail? basejet?

    I have 5 accounts how do I get them all on my Treo?

    Can I use I sync with my treo or only palm/

    All constructive comments welcome,

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    I use SnapperMail. You set it up like any othe pop 3 mail clients. Put in the correct servers and the account/password to use them it should be fine.

    Snapper has a great support page on how to set up sor your accounts and ISPs/
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    Eudora works great for me.

    It should work fine with GPRS w/o any modifications.
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