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    In my eyes, the marketing for these type of products (PDA (ie HS Edge or Pro), communicators/smartphone (ie Treo and TungstenW) and such)) is very poor. I watch many different types of TV shows, read many magazines, watch what is happinging in "pop culture" and the like and there is not much marketing that I see.

    Sure they push the camera phones, but not a "useful" device like these. Are we a very small market share? Is that why?

    I didn't get a PDA for years thinking they were just a useless, geeky,glorified data book. Got a Visor Pro for my wife in Jan of 2002 and was SO IMPRESSED with what it could do, that I bought a Visor Edge for me, one for my mom and one for my dad, they too were blown away. Then I saw the treo and wanted one and when the price was better (in Feb of this year) I got one and was(just like before) thinking "how did I live w/o this?"

    Now I am "in the scene"(or so I think) and I just now learn about the TungstenW. So once again, were is the marketing (please don't ask if I live under a rock...LOL)

    ANyway, I can only think, with good marketing, they (Palm, Hand and the like) could get a lot more customers. Almost everyone that see's my Treo, wants to know all about it and if it's a brand new thing. SO they like me, could have been a customer a long time ago if the marketing was better?

    Any productive comments? Matt
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    I think it all ocmes down to money. Right now Palm and Handspring (and in some ways Sony) are all financially strapped. Every penny has to be spent on research to stay ahead of the game. Marketing is some expensive stuff, and it seems that it might not be enough...

    For some numbers of how expensive marketing is... Hp is spending 300 million dollars this fall to market their new line of products, MS spent 1 billion (I believe) in marketing the XBOX. PDA companies can only dream of such large budgets right now.

    I think Handspring is doing a great job on building buzz with the treo 600. They started with Cebit, and got a fair amount of press. Than throughout the last 2 months they have had many many press releases put out for the treo 600 by partner companies. Whenever somebody reports on these (not treocentral ) it adds up to free marketing.
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