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    So, there I was sitting on the "A" train on my way to work this past Monday. Then it happened, my Treo was on the floor because I got freaked out by a Kamakazi Fly headed toward my head. I try to swat it away and hit the Treo instead.

    This wasn't the first time my Treo ended up on the floor and it wasn't even the longest drop it ever had, but this time it got hurt. It bled.

    The lower one forth of the screen was purple. You could still tap in the area and the Treo would respond, but you could not read anything in that area (making it real hard to read your email).

    I knew I had purchased the Extended Warranty when I first got the Treo Last year, but I had to go find the email. So, 9 long hours later, I was home searching my emails for the Extended Warranty. Yippeee, success. After a couple of different search criterea, there it was.

    Hmmm, one year Warranty purchase in July of last year. But wait, it is an Extended Warranty after the original warranty from Handspring Expired. So, how long was the original Warranty? To the Hanspring Web site. The only clue I had was that there support is broken up into Pre and post 90 day purchasers.

    If it is 90 days, then the Extended Warranty would end in Sept/Oct time frame.

    Call to Handspring.

    Explained that my screen broke and that I had the Extended Warranty. Was asked for my serial number, so I gave it to him. He says, that this is a T-Mobile unit.

    I said yes, it was. T-Mo replaced it a couple of months ago (april?) because my original would not take the gprs update. Hmm he said. He put me on hold to go talk to someone.

    He came back and explained that because it had a T-mo serial number that he could not help me because the system would not take the number. But, he said he would transfer me to T-mo and that I should explain that T-mo made a mistake in sending me a branded T-mo and that they should exchange it with out charging me the $75 they normally would.

    As I was being transfered, I was thinking to my self this isn't going to work.

    So, T-mo guy comes up and I explained to him what the Handspring guy said. He put me on hold. He came back to put me on hold. He came back to put me on hold again. He came back, but this time it wasn't him. A wireless supervisor picked up in his stead. He tells me he was informed about my issue and that he Just called Handspring. He said he would transfer me back to Handspring and that they would take care of me. He was sorry that I was getting th run around.

    A couple minutes wait for a new Hanspring guy to answer the phone. Gave him the info.

    Yes, the Extended Warranty was from what ever company he mentioned.
    Yes, I bought it from Hanspring.
    Yes, I bought the original Treo from Handspring.

    He can't find the Extended warranty on the system, but he knows I have one. (?)

    After he gathers all the info he needs, he puts me on hold.

    He comes back. Takes more info down and tells me that a supervisor will call me back in 24 hours to see what they can come up with.

    Tuesday, Back at home. The call arrives. A chick from Handspring. They are sending me a new Treo even though I currently have a T-mo model. She also says that I can then use the extended warranty on this new model if I need to.

    I hope I never have to test that theory.

    Thursday at work (told them to send it here). The treo Arrives. Sync it, Make a call, check mail with Snapper. All seems to be fine.

    The GPRS version is 1.1.2.

    Happy ending.

    Best $40 ever spent.

    I hope the 600 comes with one.
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    FWIW, HS stopped selling extended warranties on Treos about 6 months ago. I still have one on my wife's T180 (warranty expires 2004) which has been replaced once. My original T180 was replaced 3 times, finally for a T270, and now I'm on my 2nd T270, WITHOUT an extended warranty (1 year factory warranty expires 2004). Cingular does offer insurance through LockLine, but they won't cover Treos [no kidding--look at the failure rate]. So who do I turn to?? I guess we can all hope that the build quality of the T600 will be better-I have no faith that HS will offer a warranty. I guess we will need to buy units from vendors who offer warranties (e.g. direct from Sprint, or some retail outlets).

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