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    Yes, everyone has problems with their carrier. I was overjoyed to dump Cingular and sign on with T-Mobile. Until I tried to pay my bill, that is.

    First check sent never arrived. They called. I issued second check, which also managed to not arrive. They called repeatedly. I canceled 2ND check and told them so, making an online payment. I was assured everything was ok.

    Today my wife tells me she's getting a message stating `this line not accepting incoming calls.' I checked my 180 but there were no blocks on anything so I tried T-Mobile.

    "Oh yeah, that's a service charge for a stopped check. Your account is suspended and you have to pay this fee or it won't be restored."

    No one even called to tell me.

    I argued with the rep, the rep's supervisor, and finally the finance department, who grudgingly issued me a credit and turned my service back on.

    I'll gladly pay if it's my fault, but this wasn't. I can't wait to see what happens next. I'll be watching the unlimited data fees closely.

    Number portability, eh?
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    Give it a go... it's the wave of the future. Live in the now, man!
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    Originally posted by DaveyDave
    Give it a go... it's the wave of the future. Live in the now, man!
    I was going to ask what a "check" was, but . . .

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    Originally posted by Felipe

    I was going to ask what a "check" was, but . . .

    I'm so glad you said it first, Felipe. :-P I actually own a box of checks. The last time I took it out was to verify my routing number for PayPal.
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    has been going through some changes lately. They are getting better though, and the coverage and handset availability have improved as well. best of all? $19.95 for unlimited GPRS! That means my Treo, Jornada 720, Vaio and T68i can all get online when needed. Sure, it is a little slow, but slow is much better than nothing. T-Mobile will eventually become a great carrier, given time.
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    heheheh I'll have to chime in with the "what is a check?" people on this one

    I've paid my T-Mobile bill online since the day I signed up over a year ago....
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    Okay, I'll go one step further... why "pay online" at all?

    I have my T-Mobile bill charged to my Amex card every month.

    Double-miles and no hassles. On the $39.95 plan, that's an extra 1,000 Delta miles annually, with no stamps, and no need to go online to pay anything.

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