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    Can the Treo 270 be used with a serial cable and a terminal client to talk to serial devices? Has anyone done this?


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    I did this with my Palm III and my Prism. But I didn't use it enough to make it worth making a cable for my Treo. There are a number of terminal programs out there. Just remeber that the serial port on the Treo is TTL. You will need a RS232 convertor.
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    The Treo serial cable or cradle provides the required voltage level conversions.
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    Dang, you guys rock.

    I just ordered my Treo this afternoon - but I know it only comes with a USB hotsync cable. I will purchase a serial cable, but from what you guys have told me, it will need an external power source. I'm guessing that the other plug I see is for the standard charger?

    Can anyone tell me the voltage and current rating of the charger? If I am able to use the Treo to talk serial like I want, I will need it to be portable. So, I will likely hack the cable and attach batteries.

    Thanks again,


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