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    How do you guys coordinate your desktop email package with your treo email on the road? I use Yahoo mail and a Mac at home. Outlooks Express is my email package. I have it set to not delete messages on the server until I delete them from Outlook. Now, if I'm on the road checking my mail with Snapper, and say I delete a message that was already downlowded to the Mac, I have to delete it off the Mac too when I get home.

    What are the best setups for checking mail with the two clients from one mail server? Also, I haven't found a Mac conduit on either Snappermail or Eudora, so I guess hotsyncing is out. Thanks!

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    This is what works for me.

    I check mail at home, work and via the treo.

    The home PC is setup to delete email from the server 3 days after it has downloaded it.

    The work PC and the Treo are setup to leave the email alone. There job is to just get the email. Nothing else.

    This way, I can read the email as soon as possible and the Home PC is the archiver.

    True, I may get the email 3 times, but I don't read them three times.
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