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    (Yes, I've used search)

    Does anyone know the correct pin-out to make a serial hotsync cable connect to a standard serial based gps device?

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    Check the handspring developer website, they have a huge amount of information on the treo hardware. I'm almost certain I've seen the pinout for the cable on the site, somewhere.
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    Pin 1 is on the Left, Pin 15 is on the right (with the treo on it's back looking directly at the bottom) Pin out

    This section defines the functions of the signals on the 15-pin Cradle Connector. The signals are described in
    alphabetical order following the table below. Active-low signals have a * at the end of their names.

    Table 14 - Treo Bottom Connector Pin Summary

    Pin Name I/O/P1 Function

    1 RXD I Receive Data
    2 TXD O/P Transmit Data/Power
    3 No Connect No Connect
    4 HS2* I Serial Cradle Detect
    5 HS1* I HotSync Interrupt
    6 GND P Ground
    7 USB_D- I/O USB Data
    8 USB_D+ I/O USB Data
    9 No Connect No Connect
    10 No Connect No Connect
    11 No Connect No Connect
    12 GND P Ground
    13 GND P Ground
    14 VDOCK P Cradle Power (charging)
    15 VDOCK P Cradle Power (charging)
    1I = input, O = output, P = power
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    So I have to hook up a battery to the handshaking lines to make this work?
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    Hmmmm, looks like you'll need one of the those "emergency" treo 9v chargers to provide the power, the bonus would be that they include the connector, and possible all the pins so you'd have something to wire up the donor serial cable.

    Good Luck, I'd love to see ya make this work.

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