Ever since yesterday, I have been unable to log on to Verichat with my principal screenname using my Treo 300.

When I try to connect, I get "Your connection to the VeriChat IM proxy server was lost." Then, after several attempts at this, I get "You have been logged off the AIM IM proxy server," which is the result of AIM locking me out for a while because of the attempted log-ins. It appears I am logging in when all this happens, because if I am on at my PC, it will tell me I've signed on from another location. But immediately I am booted from Verichat.

The only thing different is that on Friday night I added an MSN account to Verichat. When I discovered the problem on Saturday (and AIM was working Friday after MSN was added) I removed MSN. I then did a re-install--TWICE. And it still won't work.

I've been corresponding with PDA Apps on this, but so far no answers. This is a major problem for me. I'm using v. 1.82 or whatever--the latest one.

Can anyone please help?