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    Hey all,
    I've got a Treo 300 that originally came with a car charger. The charger works, but it has become really difficult to jiggle it just right to make a connection. I bought the Seido kit so that I could use a 9v battery in a pinch, and it has the same problem. Charging in the cradle or using the plug adapter works fine.

    So, my question is, is there is common "fault" with either the charger couplings or the Treo couplings that makes good contact a problem? I'm not opposed to taking apart the charger coupling and adding a dab of glue or solder to get a better connection, but I'm leery of opening up the Treo itself.

    Anyone else have this type of problem?

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    I think the design flaw is in the car charger. I have the same problem with mine. AC and synch cables slide in smoothly, but almost feels like I'm breaking something when i try to connect the car charger. Its like the right side doesn't want to match up and go in.
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    I'll third that - I have a Belkin cable that allegedly does charging and data. My regular cable works just fine but the Belkin is difficult to insert and will charge but isn't crazy about data.

    The cool thing is that it came with an adaptor that goes over the usb and plugs into the cigarette lighter. So at least I can charge my 180.

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