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    OK, so the hinge on my 180 broke, and it's out of warranty. Handspring, of course, wants a couple hundred bucks to fix it. I just want to get it working without spending the money.

    So I had this great idea (?) -- I found one of those fake Treos that retail stores display on their shelves, and bought it for a few bucks, assuming it would have the same plastics, just no entrails. I can't find any way to dismantle the hinge, so I'm trying to replace the whole front half of the case, which includes the keypad, screen cutout, hinge, and lid.

    The plastics are in fact really close, but not identical... for instance, the front and rear halves don't snap together on my dummy unit. I've been doing a lot of Dremeling, trying to get the back half to fit the front half snugly.

    The problem is that the keypad, buttons, and SIM card all seem to require really precise tolerances. Depending on how well the halves are screwed together, for instance, it's easier or harder to depress a key fully. And the SIM doesn't make contact unless there's enough pressure on the keypad from the front of the case. Does anyone have experience with this kind of surgery? Any suggestions on how to accomplish this delicate task would be greatly appreciated.
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    My lid broke and I think it would be easy to replace it...

    Looking at the lid as the unit is laying on its back... keyboard closest to you:

    * The right hand side contains the spring and control mechanism.

    * The left side contains the speaker wire. The left side is freely rotating in a socket (approximately 1/8" deep).

    It looks to me you can remove the lid by prying the left side of the lid outward and moving it out of the socket.

    After the left side is removed you can slide the lid to the right and the right side will slip out of the control arm.

    ** Will the Treo 90 lid house the speaker ?

    Hope this helps,

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    dg_bear --

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I've tried to pry the lid from the dummy unit, but with no success... the plastic is so soft, it burrs up and comes free when I wedge a knife blade into the hinge.

    I have the feeling this project is an unqualified failure... the dummy plastics have too many points of difference from the real plastics. At least I got to limber up the old Dremel....

    I also somehow managed to screw up the four application buttons at the bottom of the unit... they no longer function at all. Not sure how I accomplished this...grrr.

    My contract was up, so I ended up picking up a "new activation" from a reseller, so I could get the $49 Treo 270. Now I'm cancelling my old line. It's pretty lame that you need to jump through these fancy hoops to save a few bucks, but that's what happens when telcos implement elaborate new-customer incentives.
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    Originally posted by dg_bear
    It looks to me you can remove the lid by prying the left side of the lid outward and moving it out of the socket.
    No that doesn't work so well. You should work on the side with the spring. From the inside you can retract the spring with a tool, and it should just slide right off. I didn't find that out until I destroyed the other side.

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