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    Hey all,

    I'm not huge into ringtones at all in general, but I've been *killing myself* looking for a "Siren" ringtone (police, fire, that sorta thing) for the Treo, and I just cannot find one. Does anyone have one at all that they could possibly e-mail my way? I'd certainly appreciate the heck out of anyone that could...or anyone who could at least point me in the right direction!

    Thanks a bunch!
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    TechSounds comes with some tones - one is called 'Alert'. I wouldn't say it's a siren but more of an 'early warning' sound.

    With TechSounds, you can adjust the pitch of any sound. Maybe have a play with that and see if you get your desired result.

    Not sure if you can get the library into your ringtones... may be possible.

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