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    I want to get a Treo, but I use Epocrates, a drug database for doctors.
    The epocrates support people tell me it is not compatible.Has anyone used Epocrates?
    Alan Mushnick
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    I've been using ePocrates on my Treo 90 since the 90 was first available. The ePocrates website has this answer in their FAQs re Treo installation:

    "We have a work around for Treo users experiencing 6410 errors during the download/install or AutoUpdate of ePocrates. To resolve the error the Handspring Desk Top software needs to be replaced with the Palm Desk Top 4.1. This can be downloaded to your computer by going to the following link:

    This solution was created by ePocrates engineers, but approved by Handspring Corp."

    There's more to the "work around" and you can see the rest of it by going to Support, the FAQs, and search for "Treo."
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    I have had a T180 and now a T270, and have used the old free ePocrates as well as the current pay version without a significant problem. The installer seems to work fine (it's a long download and install), and the auto-updater works fine. No problems here. FWIW, I am using a Mac TiPB G4 400 as my base computer.
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    Thanks for the tips. I have not been able to get the epocrates pro pay version to go on my Handspring Visor. I did everything they told me to do, inclyding getting the newer palm desktop stuff. An iMac running OS 9.2 is my base.

    I was looking for a new PDA. I am intrigued by the 600. I would like to get rid of my pager. The paging services are not too flexible. I don't think they use the internet to send messages.

    Alan Mushnick
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    I use epocrates on my Treo 300 with Palm Desktop 4.1 with no problems. Syncing over cdma is fast and effortless, and I hardly sync with my PC anymore to update the epocrates databases...
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    The driver on Mac is not made for transmitting really large files via HotSync. If you can somehow trim down the volume of info being transmitted, you will never see the 6410 error. Otherwise the Palm version of the desktop s/w can help resolve this issue.

    A few other apps like AvantGo have suffered the same issue. It is simply an old weakness of the Mac HotSync Manager dealing with large file transfers.

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