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    It happens intermittently. And it's a hassle.

    Anyone know if this is a known problem and is there an existing fix yet? Thanks.
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    I had the same problem.

    Try running without maxTEXT for a few days and see if it still happens because I also experienced corruption in the SMS DB which caused freezing and crashes when I didn't have maxTEXT. I had to delete all SMS's and the corresponding windows Palm profile directory (it's called SMS_messages.PDB). That did the trick.
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    Originally posted by nzmoko
    I had to delete all SMS's and the corresponding windows Palm profile directory (it's called SMS_messages.PDB). That did the trick.
    What do you mean by the "windows Palm profile directory"? Thanks. I deleted this file from the Treo itself. That didn't work.
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    Sorry, did I write that

    I mean on your PC. There is a file in your profile (something like palm/your_name/backup). Delete (or move) the file sms_messages.PDB then hotsync.

    And don't forget to delete all SMS (sent/received) from your Treo before you hotsync.

    Hope this helps.
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    the problem here is you have a no longer correctly indexed
    SMS system database which is needed by the SMS-standard application as well as maxTEXT.

    No one of these two is likely the cause of this unindexed state
    as the third partner working on this database in parallel is the phone submodule with its firmware.

    As long as the radio is on (green blinking LED) *ANY* system crash caused by a fully different independent application can cause this unsorted state as the phone module could be active on this DB in parallel.

    As nzmoko already said -
    to cleanup the situation for SMS-standard application (non-maxTEXT) users - as well as for Standard+maxTEXT users you should :

    1.) remove all SMS messages in all 3 folders of the
    standard SMS application

    2.) optionally if existent remove maxTEXT , sync, + reinstall maxTEXT

    to get a synchronized clean and nice + dandy indexed working
    environment again.

    It could also be a good idea to contact the maxTEXT Helpline and Support-Team
    as they are happy to assist you -even when the error is not caused by maxTEXT itself.

    Have Fun ! :-)

    Markus Schneider
    (one of those maxTEXT betatester for upcoming future releases)

    Worst case if more cleanup is needed / or after a hardreset / with this situation above - you could expand 2.) to 2.b ) : ... remove maxTEXT , + remove the PC database + sync + reinstall maxTEXT
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    Do any of you experience what I have encountered using MaxText Treo, when you have few hundreds entries in your contact database then MaxText Treo runs very slow (opening, receiving, etc)?

    I suspect because it has to find the match for phone number in the contact database but this issue does not happen with default SMS application.

    Any inputs? Till now I could not use MaxText Treo because of that slow problem ...
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    Hello ryker,

    you could solder (if you find) an adequate
    2.0 Gigahertz processor into you Treo

    and everything will be faster than ever...

    faster than ever...


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