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    My treo is just a month old.. I am trying to figure out the SMS feature of the Treo.. does any one know how to send/receive SMS without dloading any other software? while I think that TreoSMS is fantastic, i signed up for the PCS vision that said that I can send/receive SMS. I have been struggling with it and I need some help...

    Any suggestions?
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    You really should do a search on this topic. It's been covered over and over.

    However, the basic fact is that no matter what Sprint says about vision, you can only receive one-way messages on the Treo. To send or receive shortmail, you must purchase Treo300SMS.

    Some people have successfully gotten Sprint to reimburse them for purchase of Treo300SMS based on the fact that promised functionality was not included with the Treo.

    Hope this helps.

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    Ahhh... Thanks for the tip! It helped.. a bit.. I actually had to scour from scratch from this discussion to find out anything I can about the SMS...

    Though, I was able to retrieve something that will enable me to send SMS...its a freeware...

    Text Messenger

    BUT... the downsize is that it only let me send to SPRINTPCS based phones only... I have yet to try out if it works with OTHER service provider such as nokia and the likes..I just dloaded it today so we'll see if it works..

    Though, your recommendation on TreoSMS sounds right up to my alley.. might as well try that.. and THEN convince SPRINTPCS to give me a refund... its definitely worth a hassle...

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