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    Is there a way to tell Treo to do the "Find" function in a particular order. i.e. Can I tell it to search Datebook and then Contacts and then Memo and then Todo.. etc.

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    Not quite what you're after - but I find findhack a great help. It upgrades the basic find function.

    As well as allowing wildcard searching and the like, it has a very simple choice to search all apps or just current open app. Most of the time I know what app something is in, so i just open it and use find in current.
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    Thanks confusedvorlon. I just now looked at FindHack. They are out with version 4.0.5 and it is what I wanted.

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    Also, the find function does a more thorough search of whatever app you're in at the time before doing the general search of other apps.


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