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    This might be a totally unrelated question. But I need some advice.

    I own a XP desktop and have a Win2K laptop from work. I plan to buy an iBook to run a home based business and I want to run QuickBooks PRO on my mac.

    I have never owned a mac before and this might be a silly question.

    1) Any downloads for the Treo that DO NOT have a desktop component can be moved from my PC to Mac w/o problems. Am I right.

    For example, if I want to move the downloaded files for snappermail like snapper.prc and snapper.pdb from my XP to MAC and then if i hotsync with my treo, will this work

    2) For products that include a desktop component like some conduit for outlook sycn, are my product choices limited because I own a mac.

    3) i know i can use my xp desktop for downloading stuff for my treo, but i want everything on my mac i book, so that it is portable

    4) Any other advice from mac users out there. Is iBook good enough to do some photos, logos, quickbooks, creating some websites etc. what is the minimum config i must buy.

    hope this is not totally unrelated

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    and the answers are......

    1. Yes the .prc .pdb etc. will work from XP to the Mac. You can even use Suffit Expander that comes default on the Mac for .zip files as well as .sit files

    2. There are several great desktop component apps for the Mac that sync with the Treo. Quicken to Pocket Quicken, a bunch of stuff at iSync from Apple and much more. As for true email sync it is limited. I use Apple Mail and Snappermail with a .mac account which is IMAP. Although Snappermail is not IMAP yet it is coming. So checking mail is no problem because it's always on the server unless I decide to delete it which I can from Snapper or my Powerbook, or via As for sending from Snapper I just send a BCC to myself with a different address and when I check my email on my Powerbook I have a rule set that sends it straight to the sent items box.

    3. Should work with same HotSync ID on all three. But be-careful I've read this could be a mess.

    4.I use to have an iBook 600 20GB HD with 640 MB mem which should be fine for what you want to do. I just couldn't resist the new Powerbook G4 with 60GB HD and the Super Drive CDR/DVD burner.

    Also there is a lot of info on this board about the Mac.
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    Thanks Imageone. I just checked out a 900Mhz G3 Ibook. The G4 powerbooks are amazing and the 15 inch comes with Quickbooks pro for mac.

    i think i will stick with a ibook at this time. thanks again
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    The only issue with the ibook compared to powerbook might be speed. OSX will run faster on the powerbook. I bought a G4 with th smaller screen for 1600 fro the apple store last week and am very happy with it.

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    i did some research and read CNET reviews. As a first time mac buyer, i was advised to buy a 12 inch powerbook with maxed out RAM at 640MB and a superdrive w/ 60GB UATA harddrive w/airport extreme and builtin bluetooth.

    the total cost comes to under $2500.(incl tax + 3 yr warranty)

    I have been reading great things about the 12 inch powerbook G4 and the only issue i read is about the unit becoming pretty hot. i am fine with that.

    i was at the apple store recently and this unit looks and feels amazing.

    powerbook g4 and a treo 600 - you complete me :-) (i could not find anything cheesier)

    i think apple should have bought handspring

    thanks for the suggestions
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    I also bought Airport. Very nice. I'm working to get my wife's pc on it as well via a LAN line.

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