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    Here's the story. After owning my treo 300 for a few months, suddenly it wouldn't sync. I got through to some one at Handspring for $20. They were minimal help, but set me up with a serial cable. I spent another $20 and was about 80% fixed. By the way sprints cusomer service with the problem has been TERRIBLE. Anyway, my treo had a melt down the other day and forced a hard reset. Now I am getting the following message and a sync that has not completed leaving my outlook info un synced.
    install syncronization failed
    resore application database error
    hotsync error connection lost (6410)

    I will be forever indebted to ANY help.
    keith needs help
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    I recently had the same problem too when had a catastrophic crash and had to hard reset. During the restore procees, i would keep getting the hotsync error connection lost error and it would time out only restoring a handfull of my apps. Apparently there is some app that is disrupting the restore process. The only solution I found is to only restore my most critical apps/info first and then re-install everything else in a fresh install. I did this by doing the following:

    First and most importantly you should copy/backup your user profile on you PC to a safe place!! Then delete your existing user profile (REMEMBER TO BACK IT UP 1ST!) on the palm desktop. Then sync your treo and create a new user profile (or the same one you just deleted). After you do that, go back to your backed-up profile and copy/paste all the essential info like address.dat, datebook.dat, memopad.dat, notpad.dat, todo.dat etc to the appropiate folder in you new user profile. The info should be installed on the next hotsync. Keep doing this slowly for all the essential info you have. I would reccomend, though, that you fresh install all other 3rd party apps. I was able through this method restore all my data to my Treo. I hope this helps...
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