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    HI Mark,

    Does Treo 600 needs TTL/RS-232 converter ? I have a cable for iTrek GPs receiver for my old Treo 600. I did not see the converter, why Treo 650 requires this convertor ?

    Thanks so much
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    I don't know about the 600... it's possible a converter is embedded in the connector housing if one's required. The 650 needs it because the TTL-level serial lines require conversion to RS232.
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    I have 2 of these DS275 devices on their way. I think it will do the job with no other components. I only need 1/2 of 1 of them but they are sending a standard free sample of 2.

    The problem is not just knowing a pin number, it's resolving the ambiguity about where to start counting and what to count. Calling the shield pin 4 is really bizarre. Usually the shield might be connected to a pin, and that pin might be labeled "shield" but the shield itself is not counted as a pin, even when the shield is not connected to a pin and forms it's own seperate conductor, it's not counted as a pin and given a pin number. In this case, it is.
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    I beleive the ground, for the purposes of the serial connection, is probably "Digital Ground" not the shield, even though that is definitely also the ground for the usb.
    Which is pin 8. But the crucial detail is the bizarre way you must count the pins to arrive at the right "pin 8"

    That 8 is when you start with the shield as being called "pin 4" and the first actual "pin" on the side closest to the power jack is really pin 5.


    18 ???
    - 17
    - 16
    - 15
    - 14
    - 13
    - 12
    - 11 RX
    - 10 TX
    - 9
    - 8 digital ground
    - 7
    - 6
    - 5

    shield 4

    = 3
    = 2 power jack
    = 1

    I don't know what the heck pin 18 is in the physical world. There are no more pins after 17. I guess they give seperate pin numbers for each of the spring-clip things that grab the shield? Unless there are two different connections inside the treo going to each clip, and those connections are not simply tied together inside the treo, then I think this numbering is the dumbest work of pointless counter productive confusion I've seen in a while. It shouldn't even have one pin number, let alone 2!
    I'm surprised they didn't finish the job and number the contacts inside the audio jack as "pins 19 - 23"
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkEagle
    It's all in the section titled "Pinout of the multi-connector" in the Developer Guide.

    1) TX = pin 10
    2) RX = pin 11
    3) ground = pin 4 and pin 18 (shield ground)
    4) Audio = pin 14 (left), pin 15 (Right)
    5) Mic = none... the microphone is not accessible via the connector.
    Do you have a quick link to the Developers Guide? Could you paste a link to this page that contains the pinouts? Would be much appreciated. I went to Palmone website, but was unable to locate anything substantial.

    Thanks for your help
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