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    Has anyone here purchased a Treo 90 and never had either the backlight or stylus problems? I really want to buy one because of the light weight and small size, but I'm really bothered by the risk of buying a new unit and having it fail and being forced to use a refurbished unit. If you bought a Treo 90 and never had any problems with it, could you tell me where and when you bought it? TIA.
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    Mine has had no problems.
    Purchased at Staples, Riverdale UT, USA, in April of 2003.
    Blackjack, Tilt; Treo 90, 270-680; Palm Vx, i705, T|T3, iQue 3200; Nokia N800, E71
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    I've had mine for 2 months with no problems. Bought new on ebay. Love it.
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    Rolltide, do you remember the seller?
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    Seller was "gooddeal1000." Looks like he still has some to sell. Good luck.
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    Anybody else with info?
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    I bought one. Its a treo 90 used. well HEAVY Used... IT has the stylus problem but a little tape on the top solves that issue... not a big issue...
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    I have used mine very heavily for about 2 months and have not had a problem. I bought mine at ebays The seller I bought mine from doesn't seem to have anymore. It was a refurb.

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