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    I know one of you smart guys will tell me it is already on the board somewhere. I just can not find it. Please help me with what e-mail program to buy.


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    Eudora works for me and it's free.
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    I bought a lifetime supply of SnapperMail when it was beta. The latest version reads html emails with full color and multi-fonts. If you're an avid email user, you'll find it indispensable. They have an awful lot of "firsts" for an app as young as it is.

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    Agreed. Snapper is great. I've tried them all. None work as well as Snapper. Some of things are just ingenius, like hitting the "t" key to trash. Absolutely wonderful.
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    I love Snapper too. I spoke with them the other day and don't look for IMAP for 4 to 5 more months. First of year more than likely. I hope they hurry because the 600 should be out by then and will come with a default email client that will handle this.
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    I plan to buy the 600 when it comes out. Aside from a few posts I've seen, I know little about Snapper Mail, TreoMail, etc. Will I be able to view email attachments on my Treo 600 if I subscribe to one of these services?
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    Snapper is already treo friendly for easy thumboard use. It can read Text, html, and Jpgs with the software that comes with it. It also has a demo of QuickWord, which works with SM to open MS word docs as attachments.

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    I have the MarkSpace Mail and have been very happy with it.

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