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    I saw some posts about using your Treo 300 to connect to the Internet. I have worked with this for some time and am still having problems.

    1) I never got the IR connection to work connecting to the Internet.

    2) I had downloaded IRcomm. After the evaluation, I unistalled it. Just didn't have the time to work on it.

    3) After uninstalling, now I cannot do an IR sync w/ my Dell Latitude running W2K SP2/ Outlook 2000.

    Can some give me some help. Is there a product that does this or script outlining how to do this.

    It is not necesary that I do this via IR. It could be USB. but I want to be able to use my Treo 300 as a wireless modem in the absense of other access method?

    Any help, thougts?
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    If all you want to do is access the internet, PDANet is exactly what you need.
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    1) What phone number do I use?

    2) Can this be done via IR without a lot of trouble?

    BTW: Thank you very much for your response!!
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    You don't use a phone number. You use the Vision account (if you dial into an ISP it's a hideously expensive extra charge). It doesn't work over IR, only USB (I think).

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