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    What should I do? Will it be easiest to buy the phone from Amazon for $199 after rebates, and eat the cost. Are there ant recommendations on how I can spend the least amount of money?
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    Get the 270 from Amazon w/ Tmobile, final price $69, free shipping and 30 days to change your mind, (tmobile honors Amazon's 30 return policy but with most CSRs you have to make them look it up).
    Let's say you have tmo for the next 6 months @ $39 mo. Then in late winter or early spring you get a 600 w/ sprint and are left with 5-6 mos of tmo contract you could either pay the 200 cancellation fee (69 + 200 =269) or keep it for spare, give it away etc (6*39=234, +69 = 303). Then dump it on ebay for let's say 150 (about what a 180 is going for lately) then you will have spent somewhere around 150 for a 270 for =\- 6-8 months. This is of course if you must have a 600 the day they are released and of course assuming they are released q4 this year. I personally don't expect to a for sale 600 until Christmas anyway.
    My .02

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    Also, the 600 will probably be available in a GSM version about the same time. So there might not be a need to cancel a contract. That is certainly what I'm doing since my beloved Treo 270 was stolen last weekend.
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    I too am also crossing my fingers for a simultaneous release of a GSM version, tmo internet is slow but I really like sim card portability. Since I too just grabbed a 270 from Amazon, I figure what the hay, the 600 is going to be premium priced anyway you look at it, why not wait for the initial buzz to settle and pick up one a few months after it is released. I think I remember a lot of first run 270s with dead screens, so who knows.

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    Thumb up for GSM...I'll be waiting for the Treo 570
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    Originally posted by m00se
    Thumb up for GSM...I'll be waiting for the Treo 570
    I'm with you on GSM, but why 570? The whole new line will be in the 600 range.
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    Wouldn't it be the 540????

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