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    Do you think it is a bad idea to carry your Treo in your pants pocket without any protection, especially in this hot and sweaty weather? I am wondering if the salt from the sweat will get inside the Treo and short the circuitry out eventually. Anyone had this problem? I don't think cell phones are sealed very well so this could be a potential problem.
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    i hope not, that is how i carry it.
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    me too! left front pocket for Treo only, but I don't sweat.
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    I wouldn't really see it as being a problem, but without first hand experience I can't say for sure. I would probably say (in all seriousness) unless you tend to sweat profusely to the point of signifcantly dampening the clothes surrounding your Treo, you should be fine.

    An interesting observation: when I looked at your username, I thought it said "NewTrousers." Ah, the effect of situation.
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    NewTrousers? That's hilarious! Maybe I should change it to Hot Pants? Seriously, the reason I brought this up is that my father likes to use his greasy hands to operate the TV remote control while eating. Over a period of time, some of the keys started to work intermittently. I took it apart and found lot's of grime in the keypad. After cleaning with alcohol, it's working like it should. I think it is a real problem with the Treo. The lid helps to protect the keypad but the other unprotected keys will probably be the first to go. Isn't there a current thread about one of those keys inoperative?

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