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    I've set my Treo 300 to ring and vibrate in phone mode and that works fine. However, in alarm mode it only and beeps and does not vibrate. There is no vibrate in the alarm preferences as far as I can tell. Am I looking in the wrong places? Any help appreciated.
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    for that you will need TreoAlertMgr from PDAapps
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    Another choice is Random Alarms by Scott Gruby.
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    No vibrate on the alarm is at least an oversite on Handspring's part. I'd go even as far as saying it is a bug. Anyone agree or disagree with me? Great there are workarounds with 3rd party aps. The only negative about third party aps is they cost money. $10 here and $10 there soon adds up. Have any of you tallied what you spent in softwre altogether on your Treo?
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    I've probably spent about $40 on programs that provide functionality that should have been included with the Treo.
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    I've probably spent, oh let's see:
    Snapper $35
    CoLauncher $8
    Verichat $50
    Treo300SMS $15 (?)
    Business Connect ($5/month)
    Vindigo ($35/year)
    PDANet ($35)

    So a lot.

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