I have had an annoying problem with the cingularlauncher.prc app. I believe its purpose is to force you to cingular's home page every time you start Blazer (how thoughtful).

The real problem with this: this app seems to interfere with other apps trying to open up Blazer to follow a link or go to a site. So far I have experienced this with Intelligolf and SnapperMail. With this app present, these programs stall out and cannot open a web site. When you delete this prc, both of these programs open up Blazer normally. You have to be careful to just delete the prc though, as it has creator BLZ1 and you don't want to lose all Blazer settings along with this prc.

The problem is, every time you delete it, it is automatically restored. Either when you next connect, or when you sync. In any case, it will not go away and stay away. Any thoughts on what to do about this? It may be on ROM and keep getting copied back into RAM when you connect to GPRS, or when you use Blazer, or perhaps by some conduit.