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    Be careful of locking programs that use the Palm OS to lock the device. There is a hole in Palm OS security that allows a debug reset to by-pass the lock.

    This hole has been in the OS for a long time, but may be fixed in versions later that 3.5.2.

    I use a program called Commander Lite because it uses its own locking scheme, and is not affected by the debug reset problem.
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    I just found this thread (I know... a bit late) but anyway... silverado, I hope everything is working out ok for you with your replacement and that there wasn't too much damage done from that incident.

    I know what a terrible feeling it is to lose or have something so personal stolen. Can you imagine if it was an entire laptop computer? 32MB worth of info and files vs. gigabytes of info... not to mention the sheer cost to replace a $3000 laptop.

    Europe, US, Asia... it doesn't matter if you are a tourist, a woman, or whatever... there will ALWAYS be thieves and pickpockets looking for an opportunity to make a quick score. Even here in San Francisco, a few months ago, I chased off a thief that tried to grab a woman's purse. It can happen to even the most experienced, well-travelled veteran, for it only takes one brief moment and one desperate thief.

    On that note, the Treo 600 is surely to be a hot target for thieves, as it is so attractive and eye-catching. Add a $300 512 MB SD card and that's some expensive hardware at risk, not to mention the security of the data on the SD card. Is there a viable way to lock the SD card?

    I hope there will be some good third party security products and carrying cases for the Treo 600, cause I don't think I'll be comfortable just keeping it in my pocket. If they don't, I may just have to invent one myself... (or at least sew secret spy pockets in all my underwear).

    "The future will be better tomorrow."
    - Dan Quayle
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