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    Yea...that sounds like an expletive, doesn't it....

    In searching for a good way around Spam, I discovered PrismEmail which is working fantastically via my desktop. It's totally web based, so I should be able to use it when fetching my e-mail from my handheld. (I have a 270, btw.) I've now tried it from both SnapperMail and Iambic with no luck. Does anyone else see why it won't accept the user name/password from my handheld when it works fine from my desktop on 3 vanilla pop3 accounts?

    I'm ready to shell out the annual fee for this, but not if I can't get it to work from my Treo.

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    I work for the company that runs PrismEmail and am the primary developer. What exactly is the problem you are having? You're trying to access PrismEmail form a Treo? What exactly isn't working?
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    As i explained in the email and icq msg I sent PrismEmail...although I have no problem from my desktop, when I try to fetch emulator (using the same settings as from my desktop) SnapperMail and Iambicmail both return a msg of incorrect user name or password. I'd really like to be able to use PrismEmail from my Treo with SnapperMail. So far I really love the service. if we can get it working from my Treo - you have a solid customer here.
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    A little work on a holiday weekend from Craig at PrismEmail, and boy am I saving bandwidth by no longer getting Spam when I get my e-mail via SnapperMail.

    Y'all...this is a killer combination: SnapperMail and PrismEmail. I urge you to look into PrismEmail and check out this relatively inexpensive service!

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