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    I never liked flip phones. It is an archilles heel. I am sure all flip phones break at one point or another.

    I was thinking of removing the speaker from the lid and mount it next to the antenna and chucking the lid altogether. This then would present new problems such as accidental key presses.

    Has anyone here modified their Treo to get rid of the lid? Ideas and suggestions welcome.
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    Someone here has done exactly that. I think he really likes it as well (well he better since there's no going back!). His username is potatoho. Here're some photos.
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    Hey that's pretty cool Potatoho! What is the add on in the back? Is that an extended battery? If so how much more talk time is gained?
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    See an older post by Boh.

    MY Treo180NL or
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    There were several who did this before I did. There are advantages and drawbacks. The main disadvantage is that getting the same quality of hold-to-your-ear audio is really not possible. In my case I used an earbud speaker because I wanted something tiny and easy to mount, but it results in ringtones being pretty faint and the speakerphone is not usable beyond checking your voicemail or some other no-brainer communications.

    Cutting off the lid was a real pain. I should mention that there is a way to remove the lid without cutting anything, but then there is the hinge itself which takes up a lot of space, and removing that must be done very carefully with a dremel or whatnot. To remove the lid you should retract the spring insert within the hinge until it allows the lid to escape.

    The main advantage for me is the size and weight reduction, as well as having the keys out in the open. Always use screen protection. I have a write right on it now, but I really don't like it.

    In the rallypilot pictures, that is the extended battery from Sprint. I'm sending it back. It's really bulky and takes too long to charge for my usage.
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    Thanks for all the links to old posts on the topic. I haven't done mine yet. What is the best way to remove an unbroken lid so I can have a look inside and put it back together intact?

    What do you think of adding photocells to a screen protector (after chucking the lid and grinding down the hinge) for charging the battery?

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