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    I had to do a hard reset today due to something I messed up. This was the first hard reset ever for me in 10 months of ownership. Directory assistant is still there but it wont work. I cant remember the installation process-did I get a key or code? When I launch it it opens to the normal screen but when I tap search is beeps at me and says "Error getting Data":3074. I wouild appreciate any tips.
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    I forgot to mention that I am on sprint. Now that I think about it I think that initially after I installed the PQA for DA I was instructed to change something else? Can someone remember what that would be?
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    You shouldn't have to do anything to DA but make sure that all of your web clipping files got restored after the hard reset. Maybe your thinking of having to reset the proxy at the wireless app in your prefs.
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    You are right. I had to restore my Web Clipping files and also reset the proxy which I did and I am now in business. Thanx

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