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    Has anyone seen this thing yet? Nokia always seems to design such sexy looking devices while Handspring seems stuck on a 'Pockets for Nerds' theme. I know that functionality should always precede aesthetics but in terms of marketing and mass appeal, Nokia is a world leader in device sales for a reason. I wonder if future incarnations of the Treo 600 family may look like this with a full thumbboard, etc. One can only dream.

    Think First, ask questions later!
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    Sorry about the incorrect spelling typo. It's

    Think First, ask questions later!
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    actually i think we end up FEELING like geeks because it seems (presumably backed by phone company market research) that there are not enough of us who want the keyboard to make it worth some of them coming out with competing designs!

    on the other hand, when nokia tried their idea, it turned into a brick!
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    That Hitachi G1000 looks very Treo-esque... shame it's the size of a small car

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