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    Went to a workshop today on handhelds <yawn> except for the discovery of this site:

    Free for your classroom!

    If you're trying to do the integrating technology thing, and have handhelds in your classroom for your students to use - check this site out.
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    They make very high-quality stuff.

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    Now if I can just find someone to donate 30 old palms so that my kids can get their hands on this stuff.......
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    My friend took a class and work in writing one of the program as well.
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    You might see if your local computer store would be willing to give a grant for an experimental program at your school. It would be great publicity for them and may generate a few sales. Meanwhile, I know HS and Palm in the past have given huge discounts for such programs. Refurbished models are fairly inexpensive to start with.

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    I'm still trying to get our administration to use them. After watching what happens when the kids have the computer technology first, I really think it's a necessity that it be a comfortable tool in the hands of the adults before the kids get it. But the possibilities for the use of a pda in the classroom are endless! I have fantasies of walking in and saying "beam me your homework." It doesn't give them time to finish assignments or copy someone else's at the last minute....what's this - what you just beamed me has someone else's name on it! Oh yea. It will be sweet.
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    The HICE software is designed to do just what you need from my recollection of trying it out.

    If you figure out the cost of books, paper, pencils etc for one classroom for one year and then show your school the cost of 30 handhelds (I'm assuming you can get refurbished models at school discounts for $1500 to $3000), I think they may become more interested since it can be cost effective. And since there's so much software available for free, that's not an issue.

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    Except for the fact that at the high school level we don't supply paper and pencils to start with. But you're absolutely right about the costs...and think if we could get the texts as e-books!

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