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    Hey everyone,

    My name is Dave and I am fairly new to this board - but have lurking here for quite-some-time.

    I was initially looking at the Kyocera 7135 2-3 months ago, but because of roll-out issues and carrier choices... I will not buy one.

    But, I see that the Treo 600 will be out Oct-Nov of 2003! And the Treo 600 seems to have everything that I want: fast processor, OS 5, SD card slot, small form factor, etc.

    I was thinking about ditching my Kyocera 6035 and grabbing a Treo 300 for around $150-$200 off eBay. Do you think that the "upgrade value" that Handspring will be offering to previous Treo 300 owners can pay for "most" of the cost of a $150 Treo 300? I was thinking that Handspring would give out at least $50 and I could "re-sell" the Treo 300 on eBay for $100.

    What does everyone think? Opinions?

    Thanks for reading,
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    I've heard rumors that Handspring/Palm could offer a trade up for like 50 or 100 dollars to get the Treo 600. But it's possible you might actually have to give them your 300, since it's a trade. That's just speculation on my part. But if that's the case, you obviously wouldn't be able to make your money back on the upgrade to the Treo 600 by selling the 300. I just got my 300 for $150 after rebates. If I can get the 600 for $100, I'd give up my 300 outright in a heartbeat.
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    The upgrade may be a trade in credit, as opposed to a repeat customer credit, so you may not be able to keep your treo in order to qualify.

    Either way, I would buy the treo now. It's a great product!

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    Do the math. If you get a 300 off Ebay for $200 and then sell it for $100 in November, you are paying $25/mo to "rent" it. The best reason to buy one now as opposed to waiting is you'll better be able to fend off the urge to splurge and you may be able to wait until the price drops a hundred bucks or so (experience with teh 300 is this happens quickly) or until your cell contract runs out and you can get more leverage with the carriers in "renegotiations." In either of those two cases, you'll probably save a $100 or so, wiping out the "rental fee" for the Treo 300.
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    I had a 6035 on Verizon and I too was waiting on the 7135 that was announced in June '02. Well in Oct '03 I decided the wait was over. Dropped V and bought a 300. The Sprint plan is much better and coverage has been great.

    Even if it ends up costing you a few $$ you want be sorry. The 300 is leaps and bounds over the 6035.
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    Hey all of you Treo lovers,

    I have lurked over this site for over a year and this thread caught my interest so I registered in order to contribute. I too have pondered the most cost effective way to get into a Treo while I await the gap for the 600 to come out. I have been with AT&T Wireless since 1998 except for a brief 3 month daliance with Voicestream and the original Visorphone. GSM service rolled out here in Denver last fall and I migrated over from the TDMA side on a great unlimited voice plan offered back then to charter subscribers. I have until recently been disappointed with the limited hardware options available with AT&T but hopefully they are showing signs of getting with the program via Sprint's example of offering so many handset choices. I really like the GSM standard (though I do not dislike CDMA) and I acquired a new Siemens SX-56 Pocket PC phone last December for half price and have been using it since. It has been OK as a phone and very workable as a PDA (screen outdoors is great!) I have been missing the Palm OS and have been watching Treo for some time awaiting word about the next generation device. I was extremely pissed off at the stupidity and arrogance of the original Treo not offering a back-up slot option. Considering it was Handspring who pioneered this in the first place among handhelds with the Visor springboard, this was just plain inexcusable. No back up slot was a deal buster for me as I am extremely sensitive to being vulnerable to any possible data loss while out in the field with my handheld.

    The 600 looks like a great option and I decided to get back on board with Palm OS because I believe they now have a future with the Handspring merger, etc. They will be a strong and innovative converged device competitor to Microsoft IMO. I started using a new Tablet PC this past spring so my entire relationship to my handheld has really shifted. I've never really liked surfing on a handheld screen and I now use an aircard with the tablet for my data and the handheld for calendering, tasks, contacts, and direct dialing. I actually agree with Jeff Hawkin's vision that the most desirable function of these converged devices will more clearly define itself along more simple and direct modes of use. Like many folks, my biggest draw towards convergence is the simplicity of carrying only 1 device and my greatest appreciation for that is having all of my contact info in my pocket. Who even remembers phone #'s anymore? I dial names. So, with all of this rambling I come to my point: I picked up a brand new (Shrink wrapped in the box from the factory) Treo 180 on Ebay for $110. I know it is only monochrome but I want to use this as an inexpensive experiment to see if I like the thumbboard and interface until the 600 arrives. I think that the AT&T $399 price is still too much to pay for the 270, especially when the 600 is just around the corner. In the coming months, the price will likely be dropping on the 270 anyway. One final reason I am doing this experiment is that I am starting to use ACT 6.0 on my tablet and wanted to see how the ACT for Palm OS worked. I have my tablet with me almost everywhere anyway now so the in-the-field back up option is there eventhough the current Treo has no stand alone back up option.

    Think First, ask questions later!
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    ok, i just thought i would throw in my $.02. I used to have a 6035 as well and since I bought it from best buy and ended up having trouble with voice dial (albeit after I flashed the rom to switch to verizon) since I had the performance plan I ended up getting the 300 for free (well, a hundred dollars for the 6035). anyway, the treo is quite honestly the best smartphone ever (try writing this message with graffiti). the 600 so no matter what you wnd up with I am sure you will be satisfied.
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    Hey everyone,

    Well, you guessed it... this weekend I saw a deal I couldn't refuse at CompUSA and bought a new Treo 300. And everyone was right!

    The color graphics are great for a 160x160 screen, seems to be faster than my Kyo 6035, and most of my programs ported over directly except for my PQAs. I think I need to re-load them again to the Treo. Does anyone know why they didn't pull over?

    Anyway, very happy so far!

    I want to get some really cool startup programs for my Treo and I see that there are a couple of thinks that spell them out.

    Would anyone have a suggestion on a goos "slim" case for the Treo. I'd like to protect it, but do not want to create a big bulky mass attached to my hip.

    And, where can I get some good-but-inexpensive screen protectors?

    Dave lindberg
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    I have also crossed over to what I used to consider the dark side. For a long time now I was using a Kyocera 6035 for Verizon and had a Nokia 3390 for T-Mobile. Recently though my once trusted Kyocera began to give me problems, I took it back to Verizon, they gave me a refurb, it gave me problems after only a week, took it back to verizon and got another refurb, the last one in the store they told me. After only a few days again, it began to give me problems, so we called customer care to see if we could get a new phone and since they didn't make the 6035 anymore what would they give me. They made me wait over the weekend where I decided that if I didn't like their answer I was going to cancel service and get a Treo, well they called Monday and said the only thing they would do is let me get a Thera for 125 bucks plus the 50 dollar deductible that goes along with my insurance. I said no, I don't want Pocket PC, that was my only option, so here I am...... a soon to be new Treo user. I bought a Treo 180 off of Ebay for a very good price and can't wait till I get it. Is there anything I can get or should get or need to know before it gets here? Thanks in advance and its nice to be here..... Mike
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    Originally posted by NMprofessional

    And, where can I get some good-but-inexpensive screen protectors?

    Check on Ebay, you can usually find them for 1/2 the price of retail stores.
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    Originally posted by iramike
    I have also crossed over to what I used to consider the dark side. ...I bought a Treo 180 off of Ebay for a very good price and can't wait till I get it. Is there anything I can get or should get or need to know before it gets here? Thanks in advance and its nice to be here..... Mike
    $70 after rebates

    Only wish my contrct was ending soon

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