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    I've asked about this before in other threads but I've never gotten a straight answer. I've been looking for a way to import midi files to my Treo 300 directly from my computer to use them as polyphonic ringtones. This way I wouldn't have to buy them from websites and there would be a greater selection if I could use any midi file at all. I don't think any of the major ringtone managers support this. I've looked into HoHo and Simply Install - Pilot install. Unless I was doing something wrong, they can't do it either. Is transferring midi files from a computer even possible like it can be done with most regular PCS Vision phones? Thanks.
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    check out this link. ive tried to do it but the length of the midi is very important. needs to be no more than 9k or so. I think Ringo is flaky with the 300. I converted a zep midi but couldnt get it to work.
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    use this little java script thingie to convert 1-10 midi files to ringtones...
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