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    I took my Treo 180 with me on a canoe trip, and had the misfortune of capsizing the canoe... while I had the presence of mind to put my Treo in a plastic bag, it must not have been entirely sealed, because when I pulled it out, it quickly began vibrating. I put it out in the sun to let it dry, and it stopped vibrating, but now whenever the treo is on (the screen that is - if the screen is off and wireless mode is on, the sound isn't made), a quiet static-like sound comes from the speaker. Does anyone have any ideas on how I might fix this? Or should I just live with it for a few months and use it as an excuse to buy myself a Treo 600?
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    Canoeing with Treo in plastic bag? That's not presence of mind. That's subconsciously planning to dump it for the new 600!
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    Right after it happened you could have taken it apart and attempt to dry the components as best as you could, before any damage could have happened. Now, it almost appears to late, and you'll have to live with it. You might have corroded some connections, who knows.
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    I had considered that, but seeing as how I don't usually bring a screwdriver on a day canoe trip, it would've been pretty hard... thanks anyway, though.
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    I have this big fan, Lakewood HV18 *, which BTW is an incredible fan -- it was on sale one year for like $35. It sits on the floor and can swivel to where the fan is pointing up, and I often lay my water soaked stuff on it to dry it out. I'm always impressed at how quickly water evaporates.

    * That fan is really amazing. It's pretty darn quiet, and I can't even use it beyond the low setting. The highest setting should be labeled *HOLY CRAP*.
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    I had a strange problem with a Treo 90 where the entire screen showed rainbow streaks, making it unusable. I think I got a few raindrops on the thumboard before this happened, though at the time I thought it was a loose connection. By the time my repacement arrived in a couple of days, the first one was working fine. I don't know if it continued to do so because it was returned, but if it did, and if the problem was water, it took several days to dry out and return to proper function, even without getting very wet. So yours may heal itself yet. Good luck.

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