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    This picture was taken from a presentation at CeBit and I noticed that I have never seen this one before...I realize that it's just a skin for the rom but when they were showing the treo and how it works they used it's skin for the rom.

    Please tell me!!!!
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    Seems to me that the upper right has a type-face similar to "Tungsten" though I don't think it is like any palm on the market now.
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    Whoa... Well, what ever it is, it appears to be running a GroupWise client, which is Novell based. Yikes, I had to use GW at my office for about a year, and did not like it very much. I find it hard to believe that someone would even want to run that on their palm. *sigh*
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    It's definitely a Tungsten. Not sure if it's the C or the W. I think it's the Tungsten C.

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